Par for the Corpse

By Jack Sharkey

Directed by Thomas La Foe
April 11-14 and April 16-20, 2013
The Playhouse on Main

Featuring – Heather Box, Madeline Golden, Robbie Henry, Chanarathani Khan, Kris Lee, Gabe Smith, Jessica Taylor, Marianne Ulmer, Christopher Walrath, and Ross Williams

When novelist Alexandra Ellis throws a party at her Catskills retreat, no one expects a blizzard to strand everybody nor do they suspect there's a killer amongst them until one guest is poisoned at the party!

Desperately, the others try to figure out not only who did it but more mystifying how it was done. They're baffled by a seemingly impossible crime till one guest thinks of a ruse to reveal the killer, but is stabbed before the unmasking. Everyone even the hostess is a suspect, and a number of murky motives emerge during the night's strange events. And just when another guest thinks he knows the culprit, there's another murder the suspected killer couldn't possibly be responsible for!

There are plenty of laughs but the main thrust is for the audience's nerve-endings with more shrieks of terror than of hilarity especially in the surprise-filled final act with its series of convulsive plot-twists. No one will ever be able to guess the shocker of a surprise-ending!

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