A Night of One Acts

August 19 and 20, 1999
The Playhouse on Main

To Open, Pry Cover

By Peg Lynch
Directed by Charles Campbell

Featuring – Bahar Adeli, William Baker, and Angel Ray

Who hasn't wrestled with the top of a pickle jar, only to find it must have been sealed with cement. And then didn't you want to sit down at once and write an irate letter to the manufacturer? Well, Albert runs the gamut of pickle jar emotions-- irate letter and all-- only to find there's many a slip twixt the jar and the lip.

Dutch Treat

By Peg Lynch
Directed by Tom Daniel

Featuring – Charles Campbell, and Madeline Golden

Is there anything more exasperating than women trying to figure out who owes what for a Dutch treat lunch? It is certainly a trial to a man-- as Albert finds out when he is frantically trying to get to a movie before the feature starts and Ethel is on the phone with her friends "subtracting the oysters from the chocolate supreme."

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