Divorce Southern Style

By Jennifer Jarrett
Directed by Monroe Dewberry
October 1-4 and 8-11, 1998
The Playhouse on Main

Featuring – Charlie Campbell, Melissa Crews, Allen Gresham, Emily B. Jones, Terry McDowell, Alice Almeice Patterson, and Jim Sisson

Divorced for 15 years, and running low on cash, Eleanor Bander decides reconciliation with her ex-husband (whose second wife died the year before) is her best hope. To lure him within striking range, she tells him that their daughter is about to be married -- hinting that it is a forced situation -- when the truth is that the daughter is merely engaged again (for the fifth time) to her long-standing fiance. The ex-husband, Walter, not only arrives, but brings along his current flame, a former classmate who was Eleanor's competition from high school days. As the plot thickens, which it does with growing hilarity, Eleanor's friends and neighbors become involved in the action, culminating in a surprise birthday party where the truth, at last, comes out.

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