Jake's Women

By Neil Simon

Directed by Jo Durst
A Dinner Theatre Production

Featuring – Heidi Bevill, Elizabeth Davis, Daryl Fazio, Madeline Golden, Howard N. Lee, Terry Reese McDowell, Marianne Ulmer, and Glenda Wadsworth

Jake’s Women is a semi-autobiographical play by Neil Simon centering on the relationships of a talented but troubled author. It is comprised of a series of internal conversations between Jake and the women in his life, interspersed with the occasional "reality break" or side commentary to the audience. In moments of need, Jake calls each of the women, sometimes several at a time, to work with him through his flaws and follies.

In Act I, Jake struggles with the impending breakdown of his second marriage through the assistance of his sister, analyst, his daughter both at ages 12 and 21, his deceased first wife and the internal incarnation of his current wife.

Act II finds Jake six months later and dating fervently, though badly. He is also wrestling for control of his sanity with these same representations of the real women in his life when a call and imminent visit from Maggie (the now estranged second wife) puts the struggle into overdrive. With humor, sarcasm and wit, the ladies help Jake to see that any relationships he could possibly "write" in his own mind will never be as fulfilling as the one hope for real connection he has in Maggie.

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