Wait Until Dark

By Phillip C. Lewis

Directed by Robert Anderson
March 10, 11, 12, 1983
College Veterinary Medicine

Featuring – Bod Alred, Jack Carroll, Jimi Conroy, Katherine Conroy, Robert Craycroft, Monroe Dewberry, Marsha Williams, and Bob Wolverton

New Yorker Sam Hendrix has returned from a business trip with a doll given to him by a stranger in the hopes he will deliver it to a sick girl in the hospital. He misplaces the doll, though, which is unfortunate, since it actually contains quite a lot of heroin, which a trio of bad guys are eager to have back.

They plan an elaborate scheme to get the doll, which they assume must be somewhere in Sam's apartment. The fact that Sam's wife, Susy, is blind only helps matters: They wait until Sam is gone, then come in and deceive the blind woman.

Mike Talman poses as one of Sam's old Army buddies, gaining Susy's trust and working to let his cohorts in so they can find the doll. Susy is led to believe the doll may be incriminating evidence against Sam in a murder case, so she's eager to find it, too - and far too willing to trust Mike.

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