It's a Wonderful Life: The Radio Play

By Philip Grecian based on the classic Christmas film by Frank Capra

Directed by Gabe Smith
Available for streaming December 22-27, 2020

Presented by Barbara Coats, FICF, RICP - Modern Woodmen Fraternal Financial and Starkville Community Theatre

Featuring – Miles Baker, Nick Bell, MJ Etua, Madeline Golden, Katherine Hardin, Shepherd Hardin, Brian Hawkins, Rick Jordan, Trisha Jordan, Bradley Long, Hayden Manning, Jordan Prather, Alice Raffel, Annie Redwood, Derrell Staten, and Ross Williams

It's a Wonderful Life is the story of George Bailey, the unsung, beloved hero of Bedford Falls. As a child, George risked his own life to save his brother from drowning. As he grew older, his countless small deeds mattered very much in the lives of the Bedford Falls townspeople. George prepares to leave town and go to college to fulfill his dream of building skyscrapers. However, when his father, the president of the small Bailey Building and Loan Company, dies, George postpones his dreams, manages the family company, and finds happiness in his marriage to Mary Hatch.

When Uncle Billy accidentally misplaces company funds, George faces financial ruin and almost certain imprisonment. Seeing no way out, he runs to the bridge over the river, prepared to plunge to his death. Enter Clarence, George's lovable, bumbling guardian angel, who has come to Bedford Falls to prove to George that his life is worth living and to earn wings for himself, and... well, you probably know the rest.

SCT is proud to bring you this socially-distanced version of It's a Wonderful Life: The Radio Play by Philip Grecian, based on the classic Christmas film by Frank Capra. With 60+ speaking roles performed by 16 actors, recorded over 8 days in multiple locations (with multiple Internet connection speeds), with on-screen sound effects to set the scene. SCT is committed to bringing you quality entertainment - even during a pandemic.

Please stick with this us - this is just intermission. We will be back!

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