The Heiress

By Ruth and Augustus Goetz

Directed by Michele Crescenzo
January 31-February 3 and February 5-9, 2019
The Playhouse on Main

Featuring – DeeDee Baldwin, Aimee Bordelon, Alvin Christmas, Caroline Fitzwater, Allyn Hackman, Katelyn Mathis, Andrew Stevens, Elaine Trinkle, Shannon Voges-Haupt, and Daniel Ward

New York in the 1850s. In this classic drama, based on a story by Henry James, a shy and plain young girl, Catherine Sloper, falls desperately in love with a delightful young fortune hunter. Catherine's lack of worldliness prevents her from realizing that the young man proposing to her may not be entirely drawn to her by her charm. Catherine's father, a successful and cold-hearted doctor, sees through the fortune hunter and forbids the marriage, but his daughter has other plans.

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