The Birth of the Tiger

By M. J. Etua
Directed by M. J. Etua and Simone Cotrell

June 25 and 26, 2010
McComas Theatre Auditorium

Featuring – Shane Aguayo, Fressia Bechard, Sicily Brocato, Daniel Brown, Hannah Brown, Steve Brown, Claire Caprio, Keith Caprio, T.J. Davis, Maggie Fisher, Will Irvin, Jasmine Leach, Aylin Memili, Ryan Mikel, Kailynn Minor, Kariah Minor, Gabe Myles, Matt Myles, Calvin Pierce, Sarah Pierce, Olivia Dinep Schnieder, Akash Shaunak, Alfred Stokes, Megan Traweek, and Trey Wallace

The story is adapted from a Cambodian folktale about the origin of the Asian tiger. An ambitious and adventurous young king seeks the magic to protect his village from harm. He leads his court on a mission to see the wisest man in the world to find this magic. After learning the secrets of transforming into animals, the group heads home. But on their way, they become distracted and get lost. They eventually return home, but they are definitely changed by their experience.

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