Project P.L.A.Y.

Presenting seven original shows - You’re Mannequin Me Crazy; Corky Chameleon International Boy of Mystery; Every Now and Zen; Four Friends; Trying to Say Goodbye; Knight at the Museum; How I Saw It; We All Ball Down; The Mirror of Matsuyama; and Now P.L.A.Y.ing

Led by M. J. Etua
June 25-30, 2018
The Playhouse on Main

Featuring – Amanda Allen, Cassie Allen, Dana Angola, Miles Baker, Mavin Bhatia, Isabel Brabham, Aleck Brooks, Ella Brooks, Anna Marie Brown, Maggie Rae Brown, Bobbi Calmes, Kaela Carino, Hannah Kate Crowley, Evie Daniels, Hannah Daniels, Thomas Dieckman, Jayce Eady, lzorah Fisher, A.J. Fletcher, Elana Fletcher, Jack Fountain, Joe Fountain, Stella Franco-Johnson, Pierce Fulford, Cassin Gant, Wyatt Gant, Sydney Glass, Madelynne Goodson, Nate Goodson, Baker Gorman, Kaiden Gray, Ruby Grice, Samarah Harris, Kyla Hartness, Preston Hartness, Elija Jones, Lia Jones, Waylan Kelly, Seely King, Tristan King, Padaris Lawrence, Patrick Lawrence, Trukyra Lawrence, lzabella Leightly, Liam Leightly, Nicholas Leightly, Riyaz Mathews, Makenzie McCleod, Albany Mercer, Quinn Miller, Lillie Moore, Carissa Palmer, Josiah Palmer, Sadie Jo Palmer, Savannah Palmer, Shanna Patrick, Carys Peden, Alida Perez, Dona Angela Perez, Lindy Peterson, Alice Raffel, Annie Redwood, Sarah Beth Redwood, Jayden Reeves, Amelia Rodgers, Charlotte Rodgers, Calyn Sharp, Jamiya Sharp, Leah Shaw, Laura Beth Sheperis, Adrian Sotomeneses, Belicia Sotomeneses, Samantha Staggers, Agatha Taquino, Michael Taquino, Charlie Williams, Kaniuri Williams, Kyla Williams, Emma Wilson, Ashtyn Young, Mikaela Young, and Zoralia Ziogas

Starkville Community Theatre is proud to continue its commitment to the young actors and actresses of the Starkville and Golden Triange area with Project P.L.A.Y. Led and directed by M. J. Etua, this amazing project offers young students who are interseted in all areas of theatre an opportunity to get involved.

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