Project P.L.A.Y.

Bill & Harold by Grant Peterson

Shed Some Light on the Subject by Lindy Peterson

The Clever Girl by M. J. Etua

Hotel Des Fonctionnel by Jonathan Reeves

Animegemelle by M. J. Etua

Led by M. J. Etua
June 26-30, 2017
The Playhouse on Main

Featuring – Aidan Alexander, Ian Alexander, Harrison Buffa, Kaela Cariño, Thomas Dieckman, Sophia Fabel, Elana Fletcher, Cassin Gant, Wyatt Gant, Tyler Gingras, Charlie Haffey, Ella Haffey, Penny Haffey, Teddy Haffey, Kyla Hartness, Nita Hardin, Seely King, Tristan King, Lillie Moore, Carissa Palmer, Josiah Palmer, Savannah Palmer, Alida Perez, Grant Peterson, Lindy Peterson, Tanisha Ringo, Ela Sabanadzovic, Elvin Sabanadzovic, Azleigh Slivka, Shelley Stafford, Samantha Staggers, Henry Strawderman, Jane Strawderman, Agatha Taquino, Michael Taquino, John Tompkins, and Charlie Williams

Starkville Community Theatre is proud to continue its commitment to the young actors and actresses of the Starkville and Golden Triange area with Project P.L.A.Y. Led and directed by M. J. Etua, this amazing project offers young students who are interseted in all areas of theatre an opportunity to get involved.

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