Wanna Play

Conceived by Bryan Young, book by Linda Bergman
Music by Jeff Rizzo, lyrics by Barry Dennen

Directed by M. J. Etua
June 25-29, 2001
The Playhouse on Main

Featuring – Claudia M. Bennett, Sam Blair, Tierra Bynum, Marissa Clifford, Chelsea Donohoe, Callie Ellis, Josh Horton, Clarissa Kern, Calla Kingery, Tess Long, Janelle Meshot, Melanie Morse, Hannah Spirrison, Kelly Truax, Camille Watts, and Laura Kate Watts

Superlative entertainment about the pains, pleasures and insanities of early adolescence. There's "Tug of War," a heartbreaker in which a child sings of how his divorcing parents are deciding who will take the TV, the liquor or the furniture, but asks in his plaintive chorus, Who's gonna take me? ; there's "It Isn't Fair," in which three girls, jealous of one another's varied talents, vent their hostilities only to learn that each has her own strong points; "Sisters." a sibling rivalry song, and others which explode with vitality in a brilliant musical revue for teens.

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