The Storyteller

Tales From West Africa

By M. J. Etua

Directed by M. J. Etua
June 24-29, 2002
The Playhouse on Main

Featuring – Tiera Bynum, Alex Calhoun, Bradley Calhoun, Abigail Cathcart, Chelsea Donohoe,
Callie Ellis, Hannah Horton, Josh Horton, McKenzie Kersen, Tess Long, Melanie Morse,
Sarah Morse, Crystal Phillips, Matt Phillips, Tamaria Phillips, Allison Price,
Hanah Spirrison, Kelly Truax

It’s a Jungle in There!
That’s what New Orleans set designer Chad Talkington hopes people will think when viewing SCT’s The Storyteller: Tales from West Africa. The set consists of several complex huts, and many other aspects that make the design convey you are in Africa.

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