Exact Center of the Universe - MTA

By Joan Vail Thorn

Directed by Bob Anderson
January 18-20, 2002
Mississippi Theatre Association Festival
Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Featuring – Madeline Golden, Terry Reese McDowell, Lyle Tate,
Marianne Ulmer, and Marsha Williams

Vada Love Powell, the self-appointed doyenne of a small Southern town, has invited Mary Lou Mele to tea. It's Vada's intention to scare off another prospective bride for her beloved son, Apple, but she meets her match in Mary Lou, who's pretending to be her twin sister, Mary Ann, whom Apple secretly married that very afternoon. Now Vada must face her best friends, Marybell Baxter and Enid Symonds in Enid's tree house, where the three gather to play canasta and consume sweets. Over the next 10 years the relationships between Vada, Apple and Mary Ann continue to be give and take. Through it all “The Tree House Gang” is there. But when Vada crosses a line where Apple and Mary Ann’s twins are concerned, she must summon the courage to step back and apologize.

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