Aspirin and Elephants

By Jerry Mayer

Directed by Kris Lee
April 19-22 and 24-28, 2007
The Playhouse on Main

Featuring – Georgia Graham, Paul Hartsell, Angie Marquez, Terry Reese McDowell, Gabe Smith, and Christopher Walrath

ASPIRIN & ELEPHANTS deals with an upscale 60ish mother and father who take their two married daughters and sons-in-law on a North Sea cruise to celebrate their fortieth anniversary. The cruise was Mother's idea, who hopes to get her husband's spirits and also his libido raised after a recent heart attack. (His heart attack explains the title of the play. He jokes about his coronary, which felt like an elephant sitting on his chest. Now he has to take an aspirin every day.)

What Mom doesn't know is, her daughters are having their own share of big time problems with their husbands. Before the cruise is over, the courses of all three marriages change drastically and a father bonds forever with his ego challenged daughter. "It's easy to see why this laugh-filled, emotionally moving comedy about marriage, family relationships and overcoming life's reverses has enjoyed record-breaking runs in theatre after theatre."

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