Akum's Fortune

Project P.L.A.Y.

By M. J. Etua

Directed by M. J. Etua
June 26-30, 2007
The Playhouse on Main

Featuring – George Bennett, Abbie Cathcart, Kara Coble, Kelly Coble, Jessi Collier, Allison Cook, Colin Damms, Kelsey Damms, Rachael Damms, Shelby DeFore, Kacy Faver, Katya Gilbo, Hillary Leonard, Caitlin Maddox, Cameron Maddox, Sarah Morse, Gabe Myles, Matthew Myles, Shannon Olsen, Kelly Truax, Allexie Williams, and Ena Wei

When you are stumped for ideas, it is time to go home! Yes, go home. Last summer I was telling my mother, Philomene, that I needed to write a children’s play but I was searching for an idea. She proceeded to tell me about some folktales she enjoyed as a child. One of her favorites is the story of a young man who succeeded in his quest for a better life by passing on what he gained from his experiences. That is the basis of Akum’s Fortune.

I hope enjoy this production. The children have worked hard this summer to present Akum’s story. And I hope you will appreciate the beauty of the traditions of the Bulu people.

Special thanks goes to the SCT family and its continued support. Thanks to Pattye Archer and her tireless efforts towards the success of the program. Big THANKS! To the MUSES (SC included). You all are awesome!!

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