The Velveteen Rabbit

An updated version of the Margery Williams' classic

Directed by Dani N. Hataway and Michael D. Goggans
Musical direction by Dani N. Hataway
July 29 and 30, and August 1, 1993
Greensboro Center

Featuring – S. Joe Brockway, Britney Coleman, Megan Frazier, Katie Obringer, Megha Ramaswamy, Emily Simmons, Trent Stimpson, Valentina Ramirez, Shelly Rushing, Andrew Watkins, and Thea Wright

All of young Theodore’s toys in his nursery room yearn to become real someday. But they can only become real if a child loves them dearly. Theodore’s favorite toy was his China Dog until the evening his nanny gave him a velveteen bunny to sleep with instead. Bunny was cuddly and soft and immediately became Theodore’s favorite toy. Shortly after Bunny became his favorite, Theodore became sick with scarlet fever. When he became well again his nanny sent Bunny any everything else Theodore touched while he was sick to be burned to keep the very contagious illness from spreading. When Bunny waited in the trash heap to be burned, the Magic Nursery Fairy appeared and made the velveteen rabbit real to everyone.

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