Damn Yankees

Words and Music by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross
Book by George Abbott and Douglass Wallop

Directed by Sue Hinton
September 10, 11, 12, and 13, 1992
McComas Hall Theatre
Mississippi State University

Featuring – Heidi Bevill, Alex Brown, Muse Davis, Shawn Dulaney, Joe Evans, Bob Fritzius, Eric Fritzius, Terry Gladney, Mike Goggans, Madeline Golden, E. O. Hawkins, Alicia Long, Patricia McCarthy, Chester McKee, Bill Moody, Thomas Price, T.L. Purnell, Paul Ruff, Sally Stapler, Edith Teasley, Marianne Ulmer, Andrew Watkins, and Nelson Westmoreland with the ladies chorus – Heidi Bevill, Haley Hawkins, Kendra Ferrell, Amanda Franks, Shonne Henry, Kelly Killcreas, Patricia McCarthy, Chesney McKinley, Carley Millsaps, Rachel Price, Shelly Rushing, Pamela Williams, and the Heart chorus – Haley Hawkins, Kelly Killcreas, Jess Carter, Tom Price, Shelly Rushing, Shannon Cuthbert, Julie McVey, Pamela Williams, and Angie Atkinson

Old Joe Boyd would give anything to see his beloved Washington Senators defeat those "damn Yankees," up to and including selling his soul to the devil, which he does. The devil makes him into young Joe Hardy, a baseball phenom who single-handedly brings the Senators to the penant. Unfortunately, Joe misses his wife Meg and must decide between being young and famous forever, or being old and married to his true love.

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