The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

By Barbara Robinson
Directed by Katherine Conroy
December 7, 8, 9, and 10, 1989
The Greensboro Center Auditorium

Featuring – Abby Aldrich, Elizabeth Aldrich, Amy Arrington, Jessi Arrington, Martha Arrington, Lindsey Badley, Foley Bell, Melanie Blackwell, Britton Boyd, Barbara Bouchillon, Rachael Brandon, Hal Brodnax, Brittany Carr, Elizabeth Davis, Sam Davis, Rebecca Easley, Roger Easley, Jordan Fife, Taylor Fife, Alison Fritzius, Sarah Elizabeth Graves, Haley Hawkins, Brendan Hegwood, Cameron Jackson, Slade Kraker, Julie McVey, Chad Montgomery, Elizabeth Mosley, Meredith Mosley, Cathleen Oliva, Jay Price, Julie Price, Clay Seale, Michelle Walden, Nancy Wax, Sarah Wax, Kyle Williams, Marsha Williams, Rowan Williams, Norma Williamson, and Bob Wolverton

The Herdmans show up at the church Christmas Pageant tryouts and everyone is horrified. Why? Because they are horrible children. They steal, burn down buildings, and terrorize the neighborhood Their classmates are only safe from them at church. That is, until an innocent comment brings the Herdmans into church and starring in the annual Christmas pageant

Soon even the congregation is running for cover! Who would have guessed that the parents, teachers, children, and especially the Herdmans could end up discovering the true meaning of the season? Find out why everyone is in such an uproar over the Herdmans, and how they turn a series of disasters into what everyone agrees is The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.

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