The Rainmaker

By Richard N. Nash

Directed by Peggy Brown-Myers
February 12, 13 and 14, 1981
Ag Center, Mississippi State University

Featuring – Katherine Conroy, Gary Jackson, Howard N. Lee, Larry Myers, Raggy Ragsdale, John Sullivan, and Robert E. Wolverton

Rainmaker centers around Lizzy Curry, who is told frequently how plain she is by her oldest brother, Noah, the know-it-all who runs the family farm. Lizzy's Father, HC. Curry, and her next oldest brother, Jim, are especially keen on getting Lizzy married off. Noah, however, keeps telling Lizzy to accept the truth - that she is likely to just be an old maid.

The play unfolds as the family tries to get the local divorced deputy, File interested in Lizzy. Then a drifter, The Rainmaker, Bill Starbuck, who shows up and Lizzy is given the opportunity to see herself through the eyes of the charmer. Starbuck represents hope for the land, which is suffering from drought, and hope to fill the emptiness in Lizzy's heart.

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