Our Town

By Thorton Wilder

Directed by Bob and Mary Eleanor Anderson
October 25, 26, 27 and 28, 1984
MSU Union Auditorium

Featuring – Jennifer Beal, Shirley Carley, Jack Carroll, Katherine Conroy, David Cook, Monroe Dewberry, Dee Downer, Sam Dudley, Helen Eaves, Andy Erickson, Elizabeth Hawkins, Charlotte Haynes, John Helms, Jordan Krane, John McMinn, Bill Parish, Marvin Salin, Charles Thomas, Douglass Thompson, Ron Walker, Bob Wolverton, Peggy Wolverton, and Jan Zeppelin

Set in 1901 in Grover's Corners, New Hampshire, where the Gibbses and the Webbs are neighbors. During their childhood George Gibbs and Emily Webb are playmates and their lives are inextricably woven together as neighbors' lives are likely to be.

But as they grow older they pass into a state of romantic (and embarrassing) interest in one another. George proposes to Emily in the drug store over an ice cream soda, and they are married with all the good folks of Grover's Corners in attendance.

But George and Emily's happiness is short-lived. Emily dies in childbirth and is buried in the town's cemetery on a rainy, dreary day. There she is reunited with those friends and neighbors who have died before her, and who help her acclimate herself to her new existence.

In one of the most vital scenes in modern theatre, the peace and quiet of death, which can never be understood by the living, is portrayed.

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