God's Favorite

By Neil Simon
Directed by Katherine Conroy
February 18, 19, 20, and 21, 1988
Greensboro Center

Featuring – Jana Barron, Linda Davis, Andy Erickson, Betty Frnka, Jimmy Richardson, Lawrence Stewart, Ross Williams, and Bob Wolverton

A fantastically funny version of the Book of Job which transfers it to a Long Island mansion and the home of a tycoon, his wife, a prodigal son and some zany twins.

Successful Long Island businessman Joe Benjamin is a modern-day 'Job' with a demanding wife, ungrateful children and wise-cracking household employees. Just when it seems things couldn't get any worse, he is visited by Sidney Lipton, a.k.a. A Messenger from God (and compulsive film buff) with a mission: test Joe's faith and report back to "the Boss." The jokes and Tests of Faith fly fast and furious as Neil Simon spins a contemporary morality tale like no other in this hilarious comedy.

"Awesomely funny...The work of a man of vision. It'll make you laugh out loud." - New York Daily News

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