Bell, Book and Candle

By John Van Druten

Directed by Frances T. Heller
April 23, 24 and 25, 1981
Old Boardtown Cafeteria

Featuring – Margaret Anderson, John Baine, Monroe Dewberry, Betty Frnka and Gary Jackson

John Van Druten's literally bewitching stage comedy Bell Book and Candle follows an incredible storyline. Gillian Holroyd, a genuine, bonafide witch falls in love with publisher Sheperd Henderson. Gillian casts a spell on him, obliging him to dump his fiancée and rush to her side. All of this goes against the grain of Gillian's Endora-like mentor Mrs. De Pass, who does her best to counteract the love spell. Meanwhile, Gillian's wacky warlock brother Nicky courts disaster by coauthoring a book on black magic with pompous, bibulous novelist Sidney Redlitch.

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